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Top 6 Trending Handbags of 2022

While we will have to wait until summer 2022 to begin wearing the garments, there is one piece from the stage that people can begin adding to our closets now that is handbags. When it comes to 2022 handbag trends, the runways were packed with bags for each and every purpose and style. Texture played a significant part in complementing our favorite fashion trends for 2022, with adorable cross stitch and basket weaves appearing with ornate embellishments and bold fringe.

Top 6 Trending Handbags of 2022

We’ve compiled a list of the finest 2022 handbag trends to help you decide on your next buy or explore unique fashion ideas. If you decide to buy one, make sure you check the brand reviews from websites like reviewsbird.

Crossbody bags

A crossbody bag is a very popular and adaptable kind of handbag. The bag has a lengthy belt that may be worn across the body or over the shoulder. Crossbody bags come in a variety of styles, such as the saddlebag (a horseshoe-shaped bag with a flap cover) and the bucket bag. Crossbody bags complement casual, fancy casual, and business casual ensembles, and the bag is trending these days in the fashion Industry.

Hobo Bags

A Hobo which is also called a slouchy bag is an open, unstructured bag with two carrying handles. Hobo bags are often large in size to hold a range of objects. Such enormous bags are ideal for casual use (particularly as beach handbags, since they often accommodate towels) or professional, casual wear; they are typically too large and unstructured for nights out or formal business clothing. This year’s trend forecasts say they will be quite popular.

Tote bag

A tote bag resembles a hobo bag in shape but is often made of lighter canvas or fabric material. These bags are casual bags that are often used for shopping and errands and are gaining popularity in 2022. If you wish to buy this bag from sites like ilovedooney, make sure you go through the ilovedooney reviews to know what customers think about these bags.

Neon Petite Bags

Neon Petite Bags come in a variety of vivid solid colors and were seen everywhere throughout fashion month. They’re an incredibly simple way to inject some personality into a simple wardrobe and look best in smaller shapes like clutches or little crossbodies rather than totes. The most popular colors tend to be green and pink tints.


A satchel is like a messenger bag that comes with a long leather strap and an over-the-top flap. On the other hand, Satchels are often lighter and less structured than messenger bags. Satchels are a popular option for business casual wear and casual errands.

Clutch Bags

A clutch is a tiny, thin purse without a strap that is carried by the wearer. Clutch bags are the go-to handbag for formal events ranging from cocktails to black tie to white tie and are available in a number of shapes. While clutch bags were traditionally associated with nighttime dresses, there’s been a noticeable movement in the adoption of these bags.


The best bag trends for 2022 are poised to breathe fresh life into every appearance; after all, nothing elevates an outfit quite like a luxurious piece of the handbag, and if you want to look trendy and stylish, you can choose one of our mentioned bags.