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How Reviews Help You Find True Gold Jewellery Shops

Online customer reviews can play a crucial role in a consumer’s online purchasing process. So, what is the first thing you do when you make an online purchase? Of course, you read customer reviews first, right? Customer reviews give your insight into a jewellery brand’s culture and the quality of its products and services. For example, websites like provide online shoppers with an extensive list of customer reviews and company profiles of brands like Missoma UK Reviews to determine whether you would like to purchase from that brand and what you can expect from your shopping experience.

The Importance of Reviews

In the current web-based world, every consumer is reading online customer reviews. Research shows that 91% of consumers read them, while 81% trust these reviews entirely. Additionally, the average customer is willing to spend about 31% more on retailers with honest reviews. However, negative reviews have the same effect as positive reviews. One study found that 82% of consumers who read online customer reviews seek out negative reviews instead of positive reviews. In addition, customer reviews describe a lot about the online jewellery store, and positive opinions can drive sales and create a customer base. Furthermore, customer reviews build trust between you and your customer, helping them verify the jewellery brand’s quality and reliability. Moreover, customer reviews add search engine optimisation (SEO) value by ranking the jewellery brand’s websites higher on a Google search.

How To Tell If Your Gold Is Real

Gold is one of the most valuable and desired commodities across the globe. Because of its value, many inexpensive jewellers make jewellery look expensive and contain gold. However, if you have a piece of gold jewellery in your possession and would like to determine if it’s the real thing, you can follow a few guidelines to check. Firstly, you should check the hallmark on the inside of the gold jewellery, as this indicates the karat weight and the actual value of the piece of jewellery. For example, pure gold is 24K (karats), and the hallmark number will be a fraction of 24, so if your gold jewellery has 12 stamped on it, it is only half gold. In addition, you can test the jewellery by making a scratch on the inside and pouring nitric acid on it. Furthermore, since the density of gold is about 19.3 grams per millilitre (g/ml), test the density of your jewellery to see how close it is to 19.3 g/ml.

Guide On Buying Gold Jewellery

It is without debate that investing in authentic gold jewellery is smart. For instance, gold jewellery symbolises a sense of financial stability and luxury. Since gold backs the actual monetary value, gold is demanded worldwide. The purity of gold is proportional to its value, and the purer it is, the higher the value. However, knowing how to purchase gold is critical. Before you make any purchases, determine when and how often you will wear the gold. If you plan to wear it every day, you should go for a low karat because the alloy is much stronger for everyday wear. In addition, choose a reputable jeweller of which you read plenty of customer reviews because they will help you select quality gold and other products of high calibre. Finally, you should always compare your jewellery prices since this will help you find the best economical price.